How to clean and care for the nebuliser

How to clean the nebuliser
  • After each use, rinse the nebuliser bowl and the facemask or mouthpiece.
  • Ensure that the nebuliser parts are completely dry before storage (liquid left in the bottom of the nebuliser bowl is an ideal site for germs to grow).
  • Do not wash the tubing.  You may remove the mask and bowl from the tubing and turn the nebuliser on to blow air through the tubing.  This can reduce any condensation in the tubing. Replace the tubing if it is discoloured or there is any sign of mould.
  • Each week, soak the nebuliser bowl and the mouthpiece or facemask in half vinegar and half water, rinse and allow to air dry.
  • Replace your nebuliser tubing, bowl and face mask or mouthpiece every three months.


Correct cleaning of your nebuliser will reduce the risk of chest infections.
How to care for the nebuliser
  • Inspect the nebuliser bowl and tubing for cracks, and if cracks are found, replace.
  • Nebuliser bowls have a limited life span. Check the manufacturer’s manual for the expected life span of your nebuliser.
  • If you have a new nebuliser bowl and it is not working, check for an extra piece of plastic in the bowl call a baffle (sometimes the baffle is missing, and if so, the bowl will need to be returned).
  • The filter on the nebuliser pump may need to be replaced occasionally. See the manufacturer’s manual for how often the pump may need replacing.
  • Have the nebuliser pump checked annually for correct airflow and pressure by the company that sold you the nebuliser or by your local pharmacy.
  • If nebulising Atrovent® or Pulmicort®, the use of a mouthpiece is preferable. If you do not use a mouthpiece, the use of eye protection is advisable.
  • Ensure you rinse your mouth and face afterwards.
Nebuliser bowls have a limited life span. Check manufacturer’s manual for expected life span.