How to use Respimat®

When fired, a soft mist is released to be breathed deeply into the lungs. Turning the base loads the next dose.

Red arrow points to number of doses left and the Respimat® device will lock when empty.

Each new Respimat® must be prepared before it is first used. To do so follow the below steps:

  1. Keep cap closed. Press in grey safety catch (where clear and grey sections join). Pull off clear base.
  2. Insert narrow end of metal cartridge. Gentle push down on bench or table until in place (1 cm sticks out).
  3. Push clear base (with slot lined up) back onto inhaler.
  4. Turn base in direction of arrow until it clicks. Open cap Point at ground and press grey button. Close cap.
  5. Repeat step (d) until mist is seen when pressing button.
  6. Then repeat three more times. Device is now primed.
How to use the Respimat®
  1. Hold device upright with the cap closed.
  2. Turn clear base in direction of arrow until it clicks. (half-a-turn)
  3. Open cap fully.
  4. Breathe out gently away from mouthpiece.
  5. Put inhaler between teeth and seal with lips.
  6. As you start to breathe in slowly through your mouth, press grey button to release a dose.
  7. Continue to breathe in slowly and deeply. Hold breath for up to 10 seconds or as long as comfortable.
  8. Gently breathe out away from device.
  9. For second puff, repeat steps 1 to 9.


You can download your guide to accurate use of Respimat® here