How to use the Autohaler™

How to use the Autohaler™:
  1. Unclip the mouthpiece cover from the back and shake the puffer.
  2. Hold the Autohaler™ upright and click the grey lever upwards so that it stays up.
  3. Breathe out gently.
  4. Place the Autohaler™ between your lips to form a seal (do not block the air vents with your hands).
  5. Tilt head back and breathe in with a slow, deep steady breath – don’t stop when you hear the click.
  6. Hold breath for as long as comfortable.
  7. Breathe out gently.
  8. Push the grey lever down.
  9. Wait 30 to 60 seconds between doses.
  10.  If another dose is required repeat steps 2 to 8.
  11.  Replace mouthpiece cap.