What is the Turbuhaler®?

A Turbuhaler® is a dry powder device that is activated by breathing in. When you load the Turbuhaler®, a precise dose of powdered medicine is measured and deposited into a reservoir by gravity.

It is important that you hold the Turbuhaler® upright when you load it.

When the Turbuhaler® is placed in your mouth and you breathe in, air is drawn through vents on the side of the Turbuhaler®. This causes the air in the Turbuhaler® to become turbulent. This turbulence breaks up the powdered medicine into very fine particles. As you breathe in, these very fine particles are able to go further down the breathing tubes or airways.

How to prime a new Turbuhaler® 

Before you start to use a new Turbuhaler® you need to “prime” it.

  • Remove the cap.
  • Twist the base left and right as far as it will go.  You will hear a ‘click’.
  • Repeat (step 2) one more time.

The Turbuhaler® is now primed.