How to clean and care for the Turbuhaler®

When is the Turbuhaler® empty?

The Symbicort® Turbuhaler® (red base) has a counter that counts down to zero (in twenties). When the indicator window is red, the device is empty.

On other Turbuhalers®, a red line will appear at the top of the indicator window on the side of the device, which indicates that 20 doses are left (this is a good time to organise a new device). When the red line appears at the bottom of the window, the Turbuhaler® is empty.

Do not rely on shaking the Turbuhaler® to determine if it is empty. The sound you hear rattling inside is not the drug. but the drying agent   so it will continue to rattle even when the drug is all gone.

How to clean the Turbuhaler®

Wipe the mouthpiece with a dry tissue from time to time.

Do not wash any part of the Turbuhaler®.

How to care for the Turbuhaler®
  • Do not breathe into the device as the medicine is a dry powder.
  • Do not expose to water (keep the cap on tightly to prevent moisture entering the device).
  • The sound you hear when you shake the device is NOT medicine, it is a drying agent.
  • The medicine is inhaled directly into the lungs; therefore, you may not feel or taste anything.


You can download a guide to accurate use of the Turbuhaler® here