How to clean the HandiHaler®

When is the HandiHaler® empty?

When you have run out of capsules, you will have no more medicine. The HandiHaler® should be replaced yearly.

How to clean the HandiHaler®

At least once a month, you should wash the HandiHaler® by:

  • Open the dust cap.
  • Open the mouthpiece.
  • Open the bottom part by pressing the green lever in and up.
  • Rinse under warm water to remove dry powder.
  • Shake out excess water.
  • Leave to air dry for 24 hours with the HandiHaler® open.

Dry the outside with a clean cloth, if needed.

Remember that as the HandiHaler® takes 24 hours to dry, you should wash it immediately after a dose to ensure that it is completely dry before the next dose.

You can download a guide to accurate use of the Handihaler® here