Using oxygen during your journey

Portable oxygen cylinders
  • Many airlines do not allow you to take your own portable oxygen cylinders on board. Instead you may need to hire an aircraft approved oxygen cylinder or arrange in-flight oxygen through the airline.
  • If you are using the airlineā€™s own in-flight oxygen equipment, they may not allow you to take it off the plane. So, if you have a stop-over on your journey, you will probably need to arrange a different oxygen supply for the time you spend on the ground in between flights. Direct routes are easier for this reason.
Portable concentrators
  • Some portable concentrators are easy to use on board planes and other modes of transport and can then be used during stop-overs as well. It is wise, however, to check that the company you are travelling with will allow your concentrator on board.
  • You may need to book a seat near an appropriate power source so the concentrator batteries can continue to charge in transit. This is especially important for long journeys. Also you need to make sure you have the correct power adaptor for both the plane and your destination if travelling overseas.