Signs of stress

Research tells us that those with chronic disease who enjoy the best quality of life and fewest complications are those who understand their condition and are actively involved in managing their condition.

Stressors, such as illness, financial concerns or relationship difficulties, could cause:

  • Your heart to beat faster.
  • The muscles of your arms and legs to tremble or shake.
  • Your breathing to change and increase the feeling of breathlessness.
  • You sweat

In response to stress, some people begin to avoid certain situations or activities. Avoidance can be a problem. Continuing to avoid situations or activities that make you feel anxious can reduce your activity level and social contacts. It can also increase your risk of developing anxiety and interfere with your ability to manage your condition.

If you avoid certain situations or activities due to feeling anxious or stressed, speak with your pulmonary rehabilitation staff or doctor about how you can gradually re-expose yourself to those situations or activities.