What are your transport options?

Options for transport will depend on what transport is available in your local area. Your local council and community health centre will be able to provide details of the transportation services within your community.
Options may include:

  • Disability parking permits (for more information, see your GP or occupational therapist).
  • A taxi subsidy scheme with half price taxi fares (for more information, see your GP).
  • An ambulance service at reduced cost for transport to and from medical appointments (for more information, talk with your local ambulance service).
  • A Home and Community Care Program (for more information, talk with your local community health centre or social work department).
  • Assistance through the NDIS – National  Disability Insurance Scheme, based on your current condition and an assessment.
  • A Patient Transit Scheme that provides financial help for travel and accommodation expenses for people from rural, regional and remote areas in some parts of Australia when travelling to the closest specialist treatment centre. Patients should make arrangements with a means test clerk, social worker or welfare officer at their local hospital before travelling.