What are the airway clearance techniques?

There are a variety of airway clearance techniques. If you regularly produce sputum, or when you have a flare up, then you should discuss your airway clearance needs with your respiratory physiotherapist. They will assist you to find a technique that works best for you. Some of these may include:

  • Independent breathing regimens, such as the Active Cycle of Breathing Techniques and Autogenic Drainage.
  • Respiratory devices, such as positive expiratory pressure devices (for example, PEP and Astra PEP) and oscillating positive expiratory pressure devices (for example, Flutter Device, bubble pep, Turbo Forte® and Acapella®).
  • ‘Hands on’ techniques, such as percussion and expiratory vibrations to the chest wall.
  • All airway clearance treatment regimes should include effective huffing and coughing to clear secretions.