The palliative and supportive care setting

As a patient’s condition progresses, the services of palliative and supportive care may be recommended for symptom management and comfort. They will become a part of your healthcare team and work closely with the rest of your team. Being referred to Palliative and Supportive Care does not mean death is imminent.

Please note access to some of these services may not be available in some areas.

Palliative and supportive care physicians provide patients with symptom management, information and support as well as end-of-life care when it is needed. The palliative care team can provide relief not only for pain but also for breathing difficulties. These services can be provided in the hospital and in your home. 

Palliative care nurses are specialist nurses who care for people with advanced illness or who  have difficulty with managing symptoms. They are trained in pain and symptom management as well as providing emotional and spiritual support to patients with very severe or terminal illness and their caregivers. These nurses may work in hospitals, hospices and the community.