Pulmonary rehabilitation

The supervised exercise sessions are typically performed for 8 weeks, two – three times a week and are tailored especially to your needs and abilities. You will learn how to coordinate your breathing with your movements to make tasks like hanging out the washing easier. You may even take on activities that you’d previously given up.

You will learn other important information to help you live better with your condition, such as important nutritional information, how to recognise early signs of a flare-up, the role your medicines play, and how to manage symptoms of anxiety or panic.

Anyone with a chronic lung condition who is experiencing symptoms can benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation. It is suitable for all stages of disease severity, even if you are on oxygen.


Pulmonary rehabilitation programs have been shown to help people breather easier, improve their activity and quality of life and stay out of hospital. After completing pulmonary rehabilitation, many patients find they can resume activities that they had previously give up.