Pulmonary rehabilitation education sessions

The structured education sessions in pulmonary rehabilitation programs can cover many topics and will be dependent upon the availability of health professionals who are conducting the program. Topics can include:

  • Information about your lungs and your lung condition and how to keep your lungs clearer.
  • Understanding how your medicines work.
  • How to breathe and how to coordinate your breathing and movements so that you can do more.  You’ll be shown how to pace yourself; be shown physical aids that can help you with tasks that you find difficult; and tips on how to make things like drying yourself off after a shower easier.
  • How to identify worsening symptoms and when it’s time to call your health care professional so you can reduce your chances of spending time in hospital.
  • Managing stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Important nutritional information.
  • Understanding what support services are available to you in the community.

For those who are unable to attend a pulmonary rehabilitation program, you won’t miss out because ALL this important information is contained within this online education program.