Lungs in Action

Lungs in Action is the community- based exercise maintenance program that is suitable for all people who have stable chronic lung conditions or stable chronic heart failure and who have completed rehabilitation.  They are conducted by specially trained exercise professionals who provide a safe environment to continue your exercise using evidence based programs.

It is important to understand that programs in the community might look a little bit different to what you have been used to in pulmonary rehabilitation, especially if you were attending a multi-disciplinary program at a hospital. Ongoing community-based exercise programs are often run by only one person and they may be conducted in a community hall or local gym.

Often these programs won’t have access to oxygen supplies and therefore if you are prescribed oxygen, you will need to have your own supply in order to attend the programs. This doesn’t make the programs any less important to your health.

If you are attending this program, it is because you have reached a level of health and fitness where you can exercise safely in the community again, rather than requiring medical supervision. This is a great achievement!

Please be aware that there is generally a fee associated with attending Lungs in Action or any other community based pulmonary maintenance class, so it is advised that you contact your nearest location directly to find out about the costs involved. Don’t hesitate to contact Lung Foundation Australia’s toll free number 1800 654 301 to get connected with your nearest class.