How pulmonary rehabilitation can help you – the SALES pitch!

If you are undertaking this education together with a supervised exercise program, then you may not require the entire “sales pitch” about the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation. BUT, because the benefits are so AMAZING, we think it’s worth hearing it all again!

In areas where pulmonary rehabilitation is provided through a hospital or state-run community health centre, it is usually FREE to attend. Other programs may charge a small amount or require private health cover to attend. Many programs are close to public transport or located within a venue that enables easy access.

Pulmonary rehabilitation provides an opportunity for you to meet other people who have lung conditions and who are experiencing similar symptoms and challenges. You will be able to share your experiences while hearing how others live with their lung condition. Some programs include a cup of tea after the class to promote  social support between attendees.

Pulmonary rehabilitation works with you to teach you all the things that you need to know in order to be able to manage your symptoms as best as you can, so you function as well as you are able and stay well and out of hospital for longer.