How can I maintain my fitness?

As discussed earlier, physical fitness is important for improving your health.

There are a variety of options available that can assist you in maintaining your fitness, including:

Following the completion of your pulmonary rehabilitation program, you may enrol in a maintenance exercise program. For information on a maintenance exercise program, or the Lung Foundation’s Lungs in Action classes, contact:

  • the Lung Foundation (phone: 1800 654 301) for maintenance programs in Western Australia,
  • or call 1800 654 301 or visit for Lungs in Action Programs in other Australian States and Territories.

These walking groups are based at your local parks, beaches or shopping centres. For further information regarding the walking groups available in your area, contact your local council, your local shopping centre or the Lung Foundation Australia (phone: 1800 654 301, or

Ask your doctor to refer you to a physiotherapist or an accredited exercise physiologist to provide some additional supervised sessions.

This can provide you with some support while you continue to exercise regularly.
This is another simple way to commit to maintaining your fitness and exercising regularly. This option can work quite well, providing the individuals have similar exercise goals.

Some people may prefer to exercise on their own. A home-based exercise program can be effective if the person makes this part of their daily routine. Some people find using an exercise recording sheet or an exercise diary can help to make this a regular commitment.