The aim of this module was to provide you with information on how exercise, pulmonary rehabilitation, and a  balanced diet can help you to control your COPD.

You should now understand:

  • How exercise and physical activity can help you;
  • The purpose of pulmonary rehabilitation and how these programs can help you to manage your COPD;
  • How Lungs in Action can help you to maintain your exercise program;
  • Examples of strength training;
  • Examples of stretching;
  • The precautions to be aware of when exercising;
  • Your other options for staying active;
  • How to keep track of your progress;
  • Why healthy eating is important for those with COPD;
  • What foods to eat to create a healthy and balanced diet;
  • The best foods to eat if you are underweight;
  • The best foods to eat if you are overweight; and
  • How to manage your swallowing problems.

You can revisit this module at any time by selecting Module Four from the dashboard.