Better Living with Exercise – Your personal guide

To help you keep track with your exercise, you may be interested in an exercise handbook by the name of:  Better Living with Exercise – Your Personal Guide. This is a user friendly handbook developed by Lung foundation Australia, that is an important self management tool for people living with a chronic lung condition, and has been developed to be used in conjunction with a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist. The benefits of using this handbook include:

  • Tracking their daily exercise regime
  • Building motivation
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Guidance on safe exercise progression with support of a exercise professional

  Better Living with Exercise has been designed to be used across the continuum of care, within pulmonary rehabilitation, pulmonary maintenance exercise (i.e.  Lungs in Action) and home-based exercise programs. The guide includes:

  • Instructional exercise images and descriptions
  • Comprehensive information on the components of exercise and safety aspects
  • Details and support on how to develop an exercise plan
  • Log sheets to track and monitor progress

If you would like to find our more about this guide, or to view Better Living with Exercise online click here.