How to use the HandiHaler®

The Handihaler® is another form of dry powder inhaler but you have to insert a capsule into the chamber before use and pierce it by pressing the green button. When loaded inside the inhaler the capsule (containing the medicine) is pierced, allowing the medicine to be inhaled.

How to use the HandiHaler®
  1. Open the dust cap by pulling upwards.
  2. Open the mouthpiece by pulling upwards.
  1. Remove the capsule from the foil with dry hands and drop the capsule into the centre chamber.
  2. Firmly close the mouthpiece until it clicks, leaving the dust cap open.
  3. Press the green button once ONLY to pierce the capsule, and then release the green button.
  4. Breathe out gently away from the HandiHaler®.
  1. Put the mouthpiece between your lips to form a seal.
  2. Breathe in slowly and deeply (enough to hear or feel the capsule vibrate) and fully through your mouth, keeping your head in an upright position.
  3. Hold your breath for as long as comfortable.
  4. While holding our breath remove the HandiHaler® from your mouth.
  5. Breathe out gently away from the HandiHaler®.
  6. Repeat steps 6 to 11 to completely empty the capsule.