How to use the Genuair®

The Genuair® is another form of dry powder.

How to use the Genuair® device:
  1. Hold the device horizontally with the coloured button up. Don’t tilt.
  2. Press and release the green button to loaf the dose.
  1. Breathe out completely away from the device. Insert the mouth piece into your mouth and make a tight seal with your lips.
  2. Inhale strongly and deeply through the mouthpiece.
  3. While you breathe in you will hear a click and the window will turn to red to signal that a dose has been delivered.
  4. Keep breathing in even after the click.
  5. Remove the device and hold your breath for as long as comfortable.
  6. Breathe out slowly.

The Genuair® is empty?

  • When ‘0’ appears in the dose indicator, continue using any doses remaining in the inhaler.
  • The coloured button will also lock in a middle position when the last dose has been loaded.
  • After the last dose is inhaled, the device cannot be used again and a new Genuair® inhaler is required.