The hospital and community setting

The hospital setting includes the members of your team you will visit in the hospital. These include:

A respiratory physician is a doctor, usually in the hospital setting who specialises in diseases of the lungs and respiratory system. These doctors provide advice to you and your GP to ensure that best available tests and treatments are available for your care.

 A respiratory nurse will:

  • Partner with you and provide education to help you develop knowledge of your lung condition and related medical problems.
  • Assist you in understanding your medicines and help you achieve correct inhaler techniques.
  • Assist you in managing symptoms related to your lung condition (eg breathlessness, anxiety etc).
  • Assist you in smoking cessation.
  • Assist in the development of a COPD Action Plan in collaboration with your GP or respiratory physician.
  • Provide support in a ‘flare up’ in the event your symptoms become worse.
  • Routinely take measures such as oxygen levels, lung function and blood pressure.
  • Screen to determine if you require a specialist review for fitness to fly or sleep apnoea.
  • Screen for other related conditions that may be impacting on your health.
  • Link you to your nearest Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.