What tests can be done to assess my lungs?

There are many tests that can be done to find out if your health problem is related to your lungs.

These tests, and what they are used for, are as follows:

Respiratory function tests are breathing tests to find out how your lung function compares with people who are like you but who do not have lung conditions.

Spirometry, gas transfer tests and lung volume measurements may all be done as part of a complete test of pulmonary function or each measurement may be done alone.

These screening tests use a simple hand-held device that will quickly determine whether you are at risk of COPD and therefore would benefit from having a full spirometry test done.

These devices (Piko-6 and COPD-6) are used by some general practitioners and pharmacists.

A chest x-ray takes a picture of your lungs and will show the lungs as well as the heart and several major blood vessels. Chest x-rays are useful if other conditions, such as pneumonia or lung tumours, are suspected.