What do you need to know about travelling with oxygen?

There are two important considerations:

  • How do you safely transport your oxygen supply, whether you have a concentrator or portable cylinders?
  • Can you use portable oxygen whilst in transit?

A home oxygen concentrator is transportable (although heavy) and can normally be taken away with you. It is important to talk to your supplier about how to transport it safely, but here are some general guidelines:

  • Concentrators must be carried upright. They may be damaged if transported lying flat or on their side.
  • If travelling by car, put the concentrator in the boot if possible, or on the back seat restrained by a seatbelt.
  • Check with the airline or travel provider to make sure they will allow your concentrator on board as luggage and ask about the extra cost. It may be cheaper and easier to hire one and have it delivered to where you are staying.
  • Ask your supplier for instructions on how to safely transport your oxygen cylinders.
  • Check with the airline or travel provider to ensure they will allow your cylinders on board as luggage. Alternatively arrange to hire cylinders at your destination.
  • Portable cylinders should not be taken overseas, as other countries may not be able to fill them.