Resources and support available from Lung Foundation Australia

Lung Foundation Australia is here to help. We are a national charity providing information and support to those affected by lung disease. The following are some of the resources developed for those with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). All these resources can be found on our website or can be ordered by calling 1800 654 301.

To download these resources, click on each title.

Better Living with COPD – A Patient Guide
This resource has been developed to support people with COPD to better understand their condition and the steps they can take to better manage COPD.

Breathe Easier – Your Guide to COPD
This fact sheet outlines in simple language the most important facts you need know about COPD.

My COPD Checklist

My COPD checklist assists people with COPD best manage their condition through a systemic approach.

Better Living With Exercise – Your Personal Guide

This resource has been developed to support people with a chronic lung condition manage a tailored exercise program.

COPD – The Basics
This resource has been developed for those people who have recently been told by their doctor that they have COPD. It will help you to understand more about COPD and what to expect when living with this condition.

Home Oxygen
This resource has been developed for those people with a chronic lung condition, who have recently been prescribed home oxygen therapy, or may be prescribed it in the near future.

Talking with your Doctor about COPD
This fact sheet gives some tips about how to get the most out of your appointments with your doctor.

COPD Action Plan
Take a copy of a COPD Action Plan with you to your doctor and fill it out together.

Fitness to Fly
Many patients living with lung disease have an increasing yearn to travel and this article will help you to understand the possible risks of air travel and whether you are “fit to fly”.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Factsheet 
This fact sheet outlines the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation and answers frequently asked questions.

LungNet News
Published on a quarterly basis, this is a free newsletter which provides useful articles on lung health and a wide range of information on lung disease.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
This resource has been developed for people who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and answers frequently asked questions.

General Patient Support
Related to the lungs, lung health and respiratory disease

In addition to the wide range of educational material available to those with lung disease, Lung Foundation Australia provides a range of support services. For further information on how to access this support, please call our Information and Support Centre on 1 800 654 301.

The Information and Support Centre can help you to find out more about chronic lung disease and the help that is available to you. The Centre can be contacted during office hours on weekdays on free-call 1800 654 301 or

Located in all States and Territories, Patient Support Groups meet regularly to provide a welcoming, informal environment for those with a lung condition, their families and/or carers. Lung Foundation Australia maintains a list of groups in each state and territory and can link patients up with a group nearby, or, if there is no existing group provide help to start one.