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How to use the Turbuhaler®

How to use the Turbuhaler®:
1. Hold the Turbuhaler® upright, and unscrew and remove the cap.
2. Hold the white body and turn the colour base to the right as far as it will go and then back again – you should hear a click.
3. Breathe out gently away from the Turbuhaler®.
4. Place the mouthpiece between your lips and form a seal (do not put your lips over the air vents on the side of the Turbulaher®). Do not tip the Turbuhaler up past the horizontal.
5. Hold the coloured part of the Turbulaher® (to make sure the air vents are not covered).
6. Breathe in forcefully and deeply through your mouth.
7. Remove the Turbuhaler® from your mouth and hold your breath for up to 10 seconds, if possible, before breathing out.
8. If another dose is required, repeat steps 2 to 7.
9. Replace the cap.