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How to clean and care for the puffer

When is the puffer empty?

A purple puffer is empty when the dose indicator on the back reaches zero. For most other puffers, it is more difficult to know when they are empty. If the puffer is becoming empty, the amount of and speed at which the spray comes out is reduced, or the puffer may feel empty when shaken.

If using a puffer for regular medicine, you can calculate when your puffer is likely to be empty. To do this, work out how many puffs per day you use and divide the number of puffs in the canister (written on the canister box) by the number of puffs per day you use. This will tell you how many days you can use your puffer for before it needs replacing.

How to clean the puffer

  • Wiping the mouthpiece with a clean cloth is often all that is required unless the puffer becomes soiled or blocked.
  • Remove the metal canister (do not wash the metal canister).
  • Wash the plastic casing and cap with running warm water through the top and bottom for at least 30 seconds.
  • Shake off excess water and allow to completely air dry.

How to care for the puffer

  • When reassembling the puffer, ensure that the metal canister fits securely into the plastic casing.
  • Always keep the cap on the puffer when not in use to prevent foreign objects lodging in the mouthpiece.


You can download a guide to accurate use of the puffer here