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How to use the Breezhaler®

The Breezhaler® is activated by breathing in through the mouthpiece. When activated, a capsule (containing the medicine) that has been pierced inside the Breezhaler® allows the medicine to be inhaled.

How to use the Breezhaler®:

1. Pull off the cover/cap.
2. Open the inhaler by holding the base firmly and tilt the mouthpiece.
3. Remove one capsule from blister pack with dry hands (always keep capsules in blister pack until immediate use), and insert into base of the inhaler.

4. Close the inhaler fully. You should hear a ‘click’ as it closes fully.
5. Hold the inhaler upright. There are two blue buttons at the base of the inhaler. Press both of these buttons fully, one time. You should hear a “click” as the capsule is being pierced. Then release the buttons. DO NOT PRESS THE PIERCING BUTTONS MORE THAN ONCE.
6. Breathe out gently away from the device.
7. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and form a seal with your lips around the mouthpiece. Hold the inhaler with the buttons to the left and right (not up and down).
8. Breathe in rapidly and steadily, as deeply as you can.
  • You should hear a whirring noise, which is the capsule spinning in the chamber. If you don’t hear the noise, the capsule may be stuck in the cavity. If this occurs, open the inhaler and carefully loosen the capsule by tapping the base of the device. Do not press the piercing buttons to loosen the capsule.
9. Continue to hold your breath as long as is comfortable up to 10 seconds. Then breathe out.
10. Repeat steps 6 to 9 again, as most people require 2 inhalations to empty the capsule. You can check this by opening the inhaler to see if any powder is left in the capsule.
11. Remove capsule and discard, close the inhaler and replace the cap.
You may experience a sweet taste as the medicine goes into your lungs.
Some people occasionally cough soon after inhaling the medicine. If you do, don’t worry, as long as the capsule is empty you will have received the full dose.
Do not store capsules in the Breezhaler.